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My journey

I believe in the power of telling stories. Coming from a 10+ year background in media & entertainment, I take narrative lessons from the industry that knows them best, and apply them to technology.

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I began my career as a professional television and theater actor. As a creative, I have always believed that the best way to find meaningful work is to create it through authentic connections and deeply imaginative creativity.


My relationship building skills led to acting opportunities on HBO, Discovery, and Oxygen - and some of the best regional theaters in the country.


Along the journey, I also spent years writing a play that was a Finalist at the most prestigious playwriting festival in the world, National Playwright's Conference through the Eugene O'Neill Theater.

As a performer and writer, I honed skills in presenting in front of people (having performed for millions of people live), connecting with others (the foundation of an actor and writer's career), creating content that resonates, and developing a deep understanding of the way different people think.

After a decade in the industry, I determined that I needed to better understand business in order for the stories I create and share to have more of an impact.


So, I pivoted and got my MBA from Columbia Business School.

The pivot was as hard as it sounds, but as an actor, I had cultivated resiliency and the inability to take "no" for answer.


Columbia changed my life. 

I grew immensely. I interned in Strategy at PlayStation Studios and took classes focused on Technology and Media.

I saw the potential and value for a creative and unconventional person to come into the Technology industry and shake things up.

I embarked on a six month research project with a Columbia Business School AI Professor where I interviewed CEOs and Executives at most top tech, media, and gaming companies. I published a thesis on metaverse applications with many of those interviews.

I kept these interviews going post grad, and to date, I have interviewed over 600 CEOs, Executives, and MBAs from Fortune 500 companies in Tech, Media, and Gaming - including the CEO of PlayStation, CTO of Animoca Brands, Director of Digital Innovation at MAX, VP of Immersive Content at Lucasfilm, Director of Engineering at Meta, VP of Marketing at Activision, SVP of Unity, VP of Omniverse at NVIDIA, and Senior Manager of Growth at Xbox).


Through these conversations, I developed in depth strategic knowledge in AI, emerging technology, media, mixed reality, and gaming - far surpassing publicly available information - all through people sharing their personal experiences and opinions.


I also rediscovered how my background as a storyteller and connector could amplify others' messages as well.

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So, in an effort to share important stories that authentically resonate with me or could be impactful for others, whether that is about a person, a business, a product, or a message, I write, I interview, I collaborate, and I speak. 


I am relentless in my pursuit of answers to the thousands of questions that pop into my head every day. 


I hope that my work provokes curiosity, thought, and conversation.

My unconventional and unique experiences, as well as my very different take on career pursuits, conversations, and questions are exactly what make me valuable. 


I am confidently unique - and I am committed to both paving my own path in the world, and helping others do the same.

I love to talk and want to collaborate.


Please feel free to reach out.

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