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Countless people have generously given me time and advice. It is my mission to pay that forward. If you think I can help you in your journey, please reach out. 

Kavya Menon

Digital Strategist, iHeartMedia

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jane for 5 years now on a professional and personal level and she has been an exceptional mentor throughout those years.


We met when we were both pursuing a similar professional path and while both of our trajectories have changed since then, what has not changed is Jane’s kindness, encouragement, and insight.


I have looked to Jane time and time again since I graduated and began my professional career and she has always provided actionable advice and encouraging insight on how I should proceed while still encouraging me to exercise my own autonomy and be confident in my decisions.


I to this day continue to look to her as a mentor and she has grown into one of my closest friends— a testament to her character, work ethic, and intelligence.

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